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About Hua Oranga

Hua (to bear fruit or be abundant) and Oranga (wellbeing) reflects the focus on developing, working towards, and measuring wellbeing when working with whaiora.

The Hua Oranga is a brief, one-page Māori health outcome measure. It is a questionnaire that takes less than five minutes to complete, and ensures services are focusing on areas of wellbeing that are important to Māori.

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Hua Oranga

Pre-workshop Quizzes

The interactive quizzes and accompanying online resources have been developed to provide a self-paced learning option to prepare practitioners for their participation in the Hua Oranga Workshop. The primary objectives of these quizzes are:

  • To orient practitioners to the Hua Oranga online resources, including the website, videos and Hua Oranga Manual.
  • To maximise workshop face-to-face time, so that learning is focused on practical and therapeutic application of the Hua Oranga.

Quiz One
Approx 1hrApprox 1hr
Hua Oranga

Ora Database

The Outcomes Recording and Analysis (ORA) database is an online tool developed by Te Rau Ora. The prime function of the ORA database is to generate accurate, timely, useful data based on Hua Oranga.

Hua Oranga

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